Friday, June 5, 2009

Holy Potatoes!

The first week of official summer on the farm has been full of progress and beautiful new growth. Everything is planted (including eggplant) and almost everything has begun to poke out of the soil surface. 

The tomato transplants look like heaven, especially since we added drip-line. Now it only takes an hour to water the farm (wink). The pepper transplants had a run-in with some pesky cutworms... however, the worms don't seem to like the stanky onion-garlic-cayenne pepper-dish soap potion we sprayed on the plants, so we have averted disaster, thanks to book Barbara.

Tomato plant and drip line (left) and radishes (right)

The fence is up, the shed is fixed, the mural is painted, the compost is spread, and the farm CD mixes are complete. All we need now is a 15 pound bag of trail mix and we're good to go.



  1. HOLY COW! Looks GREAT, guys! The sign is beautiful. I'm glad everything is going so well and that Barbara has already proved useful... you are all my favorite vegetables. Keep it up. And come visit soon!

  2. Sign looks gorgeous! You are official!!! I love that you started this blog - it'll be great to follow the happ'nins down on the farm... Bet you are loving this drenching rain; a day off and mother nature does all the work for once. Those little saplings have been mighty thirsty, I bet! Great work guys, and it seems like it's also a lot of fun! LJ